Узнайте как RDF помогает бороться с COVID-19
RDF's assistance during
COVID-19 pandemic
With the support of the Soros Foundation, RDF is launching the Kadam Initiative to support Kyrgyz families to strengthen their humanitarian response and improve their psychosocial well-being during COVID-19 emergency through The KEAK Network of keepers of traditions and heritage.
Also, the Initiative's activities will be aimed at supporting representatives of state response measures, restoring moral support within the community through online performances of famous people from the regions, internal mobilization of families in COVID 19 situation through online fairy tales, performances with stories about the traditions of unity and friendship from keepers of traditions and rituals, members of the KEAK Network. In the regions, disposable masks, a nomadic healthy dish "Kuurma tea", a tea collection of medicinal herbs, a bunch of Archa (Juniper) and harmala for roadblocks will be distributed through KEAK leaders.
We hope that together we will overcome this difficult period.
"Kadam" Initiative
RDF Initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic
For those who are sick at home, who are afraid or lost loved ones during COVID-19,
Kadam initiative launches a campaign where you can get:
  • Support from psychologists
  • Conversations with spiritual practitioners of traditional Kyrgyz culture
  • Conversations with spiritual practitioners of the Islam religion
Let's make a MOVE for each other and get out of this difficult situation together!
With hope for good changes, as well as with a sense of immense gratitude to psychologists,
representatives of the group of spiritual practitioners of the religion of Islam, KEAK network of keepers of traditional Kyrgyz culture, RDF team.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude and gratitude to the large team of the Kadam campaign, who did a great job and supported us in a difficult time!
Our heroes:
Psychologists from KPA:
Duishekeeva Jamal
Vysotskaya Maria
Aigerim Zhumagulova
Gulnara Zhumagulova
Atabekova Begaiym
Kydyraly Malake
Abdisheva Altynai

Specialists of psychological remote counselling from the list of RCMH

Ernazarov Masharip
Kopacheva Nurzat
Uraev Sultan Salievich
Rustam kyzy Bakytgul
Brovkina Svetlana
Gulmira Bazarbaeva
Borbieva Begaiym

Spiritual practices of traditional Kyrgyz culture from the KEAK Network:
Raimbekov Zhaparkul
Monoldorova Jyldyz
Kobokov Sultek

Spiritual practices of the Islam religion:
Usmanov Baktybek
Polotova Sarbalhan
Usenalieva Amina

Today, the Kadam team is asking you during the unstable epidemiological situation in the country:
observe the rules and regulations in the event of a pandemic, i.e. wear masks, maintain social distancing, maintain physical activity and a positive attitude, show understanding to children's problems, remain calm, friendly, and do not forget that stress negatively affects the immune system.

Once again, we express our gratitude to psychologists, spiritual practitioners of the Kyrgyz traditional culture, as well as spiritual practitioners of the religion of Islam.
We wish them good health, a long and happy life, success and prosperity!
We sincerely hope that in the future Kadam will continue its activities for peaceful and creative purposes.
"Kadam" Initiative during the COVID-19 outbreak
The main participants of the Kadam Initiative are regional leaders of the KEAK network of keepers of traditions and ancestral heritage. At the moment, Batken, Jalalabad, Chui, Osh, Issyk-Kul, Talas and Naryn regions have received masks and bags of herbs.