"Rural Development Fund"

Rural Development Fund - is a non-profit non-governmental research organization established in 2003. The name of our organization is fully corresponds to its areas of activity: conducting social research, contributing to the formation of public policy and implementing projects in the field of rural development.
Meet our team
The main strength and wealth of the RDF, of course, is its human resources. RDF experts have been involved in agricultural development and land reforms since the mid-1990s and have extensive experience in research, monitoring and implementing various projects for the development of the rural sector.
  • Kuluipa Akmatova
    Director of the Public Fund "Rural Development Fund"
  • Maksat
    Financial manager
  • Baktygul Nartaeva
  • Kenesh Shapakov
    Animal husbandry expert
  • Alina
  • Zamira Akhmatbekova
    Project Assistant
  • Aibek Asanaliev
    Financial Assistant
  • Marlis Sarchaev
  • Aziret Ashimov
Our mission
The RDF's mission is to support initiatives based on local needs and aimed at poverty alleviation and sustainable rural development. The RDF actively engages local communities, government agencies, and donors to identify priority areas and ways to implement rural development goals.

The main focus of the RDF is to conduct applied research on various aspects of rural development and implement rural development projects that contribute to policy development and decision-making at the local and national levels, evaluate ongoing projects and make recommendations to improve their effectiveness.