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to explore and develop rural areas.
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Our Partners
For many years of activity, we have acquired reliable partners without whom we would not have achieved such results
Our services
We have 18 years of practical experience in developing and implementing projects in all regions of the country.
Development, coordination and implementation of programs in the field of rural development.
RDF has practical experience in the development of technical assistance projects, mobilization, involvement of local partners, ensuring the effectiveness and proper execution of the experience gained and lessons learned for dissemination.

In its programs RDF seeks to integrate issues of governance, rural economic development, and social equality.

Carrying out activities, RDF relies on the experience of cooperation with a wide range of government agencies and donors - to ensure the validity and applicability of its programs.
Conducting statistical research and reviews
RDF specializes in conducting legal, economic, and social reviews. RDF experts carry out case studies, define a strategy and methodology, taking into account the local context and innovative methods, developing research tools, provide training on the topics of research and make an analysis that shows the local conditions and peculiarities.

RDF has a network of professional experts, interviewers, with extensive experience in conducting the survey, focus groups, case studies, and other methods of research across the country.

RDF specialists conducted research on land, pasture and water reform, local government, agriculture, decentralization, rural community-based development, gender issues, customary law and cultural heritage, public awareness of certain programs and services, conflicts over natural resources and access to resources for vulnerable groups.
Monitoring and evaluation
RDF specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of the process and results of projects or programs in the field of rural development by using global assessment methods and knowledge of the local context.

Monitoring and evaluation include a review of all documents, the definition of indicators by which the degree of success of projects is assessed, the diagnosis of problem areas, the development of recommendations for improving the program.

In addition to providing practical guidance, RDF supports the implementation of these recommendations and offers technical assistance to adapt and improve programs.
Education and trainings
RDF conducts interactive training for various groups designed to meet the needs and level of training of clients in Russian and Kyrgyz languages.

Training sessions allow clients to get the most useful and interesting information in a short time. The training is constructed in such a way that customers gain new experience in training, will be able to use it in their projects and in everyday life.

Trainings are conducted in various areas, such as building community organizations, strengthening their capacity, strategic planning and fundraising; managing conflicts around natural resources, resolving disputes between different ethnic groups using various methods, including the "photo-voice" method, effective awareness and proper informing of the population, GPS training and joint mapping, rational use of natural resources, traditional knowledge and its significance in modern life.
Internship program
RDF provides an opportunity for students and graduates of various universities from Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the near and far abroad to participate in RDF research and field work, gain practical experience in rural development, natural resource management, gender issues and conflict management issues.

Trainees have the opportunity not only to gain new experience and knowledge, but also to show their strength and knowledge, take an active part in the implementation of a project and provide their recommendations and development visions. RDF is always happy to work with young and ambitious young people, share information and experience, and provide intellectual support.

All trainees who have the opportunity to gain experience in the RDF have become members of a large team and have long maintained ties with the RDF.
Organization of exchange visits
The involvement of foreign specialists from various countries is carried out in order to familiarize with the experience of Kyrgyzstan in the development of agriculture, rural areas and small towns, as well as to build sustainable partnerships with various international and domestic organizations and funds.

RDF provides both technical and content support, not only presenting presentations from representatives of various organizations,but also organizing field trips and direct field visits.

The RDF also organizes exchange visits of Kyrgyz specialists to various countries to exchange experience on land reform, rural development and the rural economy, and other development issues.
Organization of seminars and conferences
RDF provides services for organizing various conferences and seminars.they are engaged not only in the implementation of the entire technical side of the seminar, but also in the preparation of the information part.

Seminars and conferences held by RDF receive the highest rating in terms of technical support and caused a lot of positive feedback on the content of the seminar or conference.

RDF specialists have experience in organizing seminars, meetings and conferences for more than 200 people, both in Bishkek and in the field.
Intellectual assistance
RDF specialists provide services for preparing project proposals, provide analysis of local markets and opportunities in various areas, provide information on finding potential sources of financing for regional development projects, and prepare a project proposal in accordance with the requirements and criteria of the application.

Experts also provide advice on how to fill out applications effectively and assist in the methodological preparation of projects.
PR services
RDF is engaged in the development of informational printed materials and their design in the final product.

Public relations specialists will consult on the effective compilation of information material, design of printed materials and printing of PR materials in the form of books, booklets, leaflets and calendars.
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