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Chychkan Gorge, located in Kyrgyzstan, represents a unique area that plays a crucial role in preserving biodiversity and natural resources. It also serves as a foundation for scientific research, contributing to a deep understanding and assessment of biodiversity in the region. It is based on these criteria that Chychkan Gorge has been selected as a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA).

This book is a valuable study of the rich traditional ecological knowledge accumulated by local communities and respondents who also share stories and legends about Chychkan Gorge.
The book provides detailed information about the most common plants in the Kyrgyz Republic, including their distribution, phenology, properties, and practical significance. The botanical part of the work is organically complemented by the traditional knowledge of the Kyrgyz people about medicinal herbs, materials from field ethnographic research, information about the use of the healing properties of various plants in traditional medical practice. The work also addresses issues related to the adaptation of producers of medicinal herbs to market relations. Careful consideration of the surrounding natural environment is also not overlooked.
"Kyrgyz traditional ecological knowledge as a basis for protection of snow leopard and its habitat at the level of local communities"