Exchange visit

RDF Project Coordinator participated in GESA 2014, in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

RDF Project Coordinator Mirgul Amanalieva took part in GESA - Global Environmental Summer Academy. The training took place from July 26 to August 15, 2014 in the capital of Switzerland, Bern, in the Center for Environmental Development. The study trip was partially funded by the Christensen Foundation.

For the first time representatives from Kyrgyzstan participated in the summer environmental camp. Out of 400 people willing to attend the training, the Academy selected 18 participants, and the RDF employee was one of them.

Purpose of the workshop

The Academy aims to broaden and deepen environmental knowledge among graduate students, scientists, professionals and activists from all over the world, all those who care about the environment. The main goal of the trainings was to bring together tc specialists from different countries to exchange experience and knowledge.

Main events

The program of the seminars was rich. Each participant presented his/her topic and shared his/her accumulated experience. Mirgul Amanalieva presented the topic "Biodiversity conservation through revitalization of Kyrgyz traditional values".

Participants had an opportunity to learn field data collection methods and improve their research skills from mentors - scientists, politicians and public figures.