Award ceremony

Dear friends, on January 30, we held the Awards Ceremony for the participants and winners of the competition “Youth for Biocultural Diversity” dedicated to the International Day of Mountains.

As a result of the competition, we encouraged nominations and the following participants received certificates:
Asylbekova Aizhamal - Winner in the nomination "Best Drawing"
Asylbekova Bermet - Winner in the category "Best Performance"
Aisha Zhaparkulova - Winner in the category "Best Video Production"
Aziza Ibragimova - Winner in the category "Best Video Story"
Toktobubu Ermatova - Best Photo Winner
Tokonbekova Begimai - Winner in the nomination "Best Text"

Also, incentive certificates for active participation were issued by:
Aisha Akmatova Bishkek
Zholomanova Aiym Chui obl.
Gulnur Chodronova Naryn. reg
Max Sezim Bishkek
Nurmatova Aisuluu Chui. region
Toktobek uulu Nurmat Naryn region

And as an Award for all participants in the competition, international and local speakers spoke:
from Mongolia:
Altantsetseg Tsedendamba - Director of the “Arga Bilig” MO;
Oyunbaatar Tseren Galzuud - “Mongolian Shamanic Association of Celestial Emblems”;
Buyanbadrakh Erdenetzogt - Director of the Altai Cultural Heritage Protection Association.

from Buryatia (Russia):
Maria Azunova - Stanford University graduate, 2020 Bright Award winner, executive director of the Baikal-Buryat Indigenous Culture Center (BBCIC) and director of the Land of Snow Leopard network;
Rinchin Garmaev - BBCIC (Baikal-Buryat Center for Indigenous Culture).

from Kyrgyzstan:
Anna Kirilenko - Chairperson of the Global Forest Coalition (GFC) and Executive Director of the group of the Public Foundation "Ecological Movement BIOM";
Nurzat Abdyrasulova - President of Unison Group and Chairman of the Board of the ALE Green Alliance;
Japarkul Raimbekov - “Kyrgyz Kasiet Akademiyasy”.

We thank all the participants for their interest in our competition and the speakers for their excellent speeches!
We hope that the knowledge gained and the success stories of our speakers will inspire young people to conquer new heights and appreciate their culture and the surrounding nature.