RDF participation at the celebration for the International Day of Mountains 2011

RDF took part at an event dedicated to the celebration of the International Day of Mountains 2011, organized by the Central Asian branch of the Mountain Partnership and the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

On 8 December, the University of Central Asia hosted a celebration of the Day of Mountains dedicated to the theme, “Mountains and Forests”, to commemorate the International Day of Mountains celebrated on 11 December every year since 2003.

RFD exhibited printed information materials, posters, brochures, booklets and bulletins created from various projects related to mountains and forests, such as “Promotion of forest management with the participation of communities in Kyrgyzstan”, “Forest and rural income sources in the Kyrgyz Republic: Capacity development”, “Revival and dissemination of Kyrgyz traditional pastoral knowledge and practices”, and others. Our presentations aroused great interest among the guests who were able to acquire direct insight on the important dynamics of mountains-forest-humans in order to promote holistic and sustainable use of natural resources of mountains and forests.

As in line with the theme of this event for the International Day of Mountains, most of the RDF projects are aimed at the sustainable and rational use of natural resources, such as mountains and forests, and the equal distribution of benefits to local communities from using these resources.

For more information on the International Day of Mountains and its aims, please go to the Mountain Partnership website at