Contest for Project Ideas for the Small Grants Program 2017: “The Earth – the Treasure”

Rural Development Fund announces the program for the endorsement of local communities for awareness raising and the introduction of the Access and Benefit of Sharing (ABS) system of genetic resources in the Kyrgyz Republic.

This program is implemented within the framework of the project ,“Traditional pastoral knowledge for the education of the young generation in the Kyrgyz Republic”, in which we plan to implement further steps to preserve cultural and biological diversity through traditional knowledge in the Kyrgyz Republic. The project aims to strengthen the ability of local communities to improve their economic prospects while engaging traditional knowledge and protecting biological and cultural resources through the mechanisms of “Access and Equitable Distribution of Benefits”.

Project activities include: 1) Exploring opportunities for implementing the access and benefit-sharing system in local communities; 2) Sensitising the population about access and sharing benefits from the use of genetic resources and traditional knowledge; 3) Strengthening the capacity of the Kyrgyz People’s Treasure Network in conducting research on access and benefit-sharing; and 4) Creating conditions to promote dialogues between all interested parties to advocate access and benefit-sharing in the country.