Natural resource management

Model of local community participation in the management of mountain ecosystems in the Kyrgyz Republic

The forest plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem. Forests significantly affect the climate, the availability of clean water and clean air, preserve the diversity of wildlife and vegetation. The forest provides a variety of resources and products that improve the quality of life. Improper use of forest ecosystems in order to obtain more forest resources leads to conflicts between local authorities, communities and members of the leshoz. This, in turn, has a detrimental effect on the state of the environment.

2010 to 2013 RDF, within the framework of the Project “Forest Management with the Participation of Local Communities in Kyrgyzstan”, has developed an innovative model for Kyrgyzstan for the participation of local people in the management of forest ecosystems. The project was implemented on the basis of the Batken forestry enterprise in Batken oblast and GPNP Chon-Kemin in Chui oblast.

The main achievements of the Project were:
In two pilot territories, groups of leos users were formed - ; meikin zhamaats with a clear organizational structure. Within the framework of the project, the potential was built   meikin zhamaatov, work was carried out to raise awareness of forest management;
For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, a holistic approach was applied: large tracts of forest were allocated to the local community for co-management, as a result of such a holistic approach, illegal logging and seizure of forest resources significantly (up to 10 times) decreased;
The local community has carried out a Community Inventory in the forest areas entrusted to it, and developed a Community Forest Ecosystem Management Plan.

Since June 2014, RDF launched the Project “Model of Local Communities Participation in the Management of Mountain Ecosystems in the Kyrgyz Republic”, funded by the Christensen Foundation.

Key facts
Years of implementation: ; 2014-2016
Place of implementation: Chui region, Kemin district, Kok-Oyrok aiyl district, Karool-Dobo meikin zhamaaty, GPNP Chon-Kemin
Donor: ; Christensen Foundation, USA
Partners:SAEPF GKR, Pasture Department, MAWR KR, GPNP Chon-Kemin, Karool-Dobo meikin zhamaaty

Objective of the project
The project aims to create a favorable legislative environment and policy to enhance the resilience of local communities and mountain ecosystems by introducing an innovative model of joint forest management and the development of rational use of forest resources, which will prevent the likelihood of desertification in mountain areas and reduce the number of conflicts arising on this issue.

Project objectives
- Within the framework of the project, the previously developed Model of Participation of Local Populations in the Management of Mountain Ecosystems will be improved and supplemented with methodological tools, such as Community Inventory of Natural Resources, Joint Monitoring, as well as mechanisms of transparency of management and accountability will be developed and implemented;
- Strengthening the capacity of Karool-Dobo meikin zhamaaty by organizing and conducting seminars, study tours. Within the framework of the Micro-Projects Program, KWMW initiatives will be supported to implement the activities of the Community Forest Ecosystem Management Plan, in particular, to develop ecotourism;
- Based on the results of testing the Model, it is planned to develop recommendations that will help develop a consistent state policy in the field of joint management of forests and specially protected natural areas.

Expected results of the project
Make a significant contribution to improving the legal framework for the integrated management of spruce and floodplain forests on the territory of the state forest fund and specially protected natural areas of the country. During the project, it is expected to establish order in forest ecosystems, build capacity and resources, which will be enough for all surrounding communities on a legal basis. To unite local communities and all surrounding forest users, whose well-being depends on natural resources, so that they protect, not destroy the ecosystem, preserve the culture, traditions and values ​​accumulated over the years.

Location of the project
The project will be implemented on the basis of the Chon-Kemin GPNP with the participation of Karool-Dobo meikin zhamaaty of the Kok-Oyrok aiyl district of the Kemin district of the Chui region.

Project partners
State Natural National Park "Chon-Kemin"
Karool-Dobo meikin jamaaty
State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic
Pasture Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic
District and regional state administrations
Local government bodies

Christensen Foundation
The project is funded by the Christensen Foundation, founded in 1957 in San Francisco, California. The Christensen Foundation supports initiatives to conserve bio-cultural diversity around the world.