Public hearing between local communities and mining companies in Batken region

From 8th to 13th of October, a public hearing took place in Kara-Bulak, Suu-Bashy and Dara communities in Batken region. This event was part of the project on “Development and testing of approaches to prevent conflicts around the subsoil in the Batken region”, which was implemented with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

The public hearing saw representatives of the local communities, the local authorities, and the mining companies. During the hearing, heads of local authorities presented reports on the expenditure of funds received from the mining companies as payments for the mining license during 2013-2014, and distributed brochures with accounting details. This hearing was organised to prevent conflicts between local people and mining companies.

One of the residents of Sary-Talaa village said that the community wanted a kindergarden and that funding to construct a kindergarden would be a sufficient assistance to the local people. One of the elders of Boz-Adyr village, Ikmat Mamarazakov, stated that they would not disturb mining companies which work in their territory.

Provision of a complete information on fund expenditures helped local people to have a clear idea on the work of local authorities and mining companies.