The fourth meeting of the Coordinating Council of the project «Supporting the development of green agriculture by local communities - Go Green»

The fourth Steering Committee Meeting of the «Go Green - Project on the Local Community Support for Green Agriculture» hold at the RDF office, on August 19, 2022.

Kuluipa Akmatova, Director of the Foundation, spoke about the progress of the Project and opened the event. Further, on, there was a presentation of the digital application «Birlik/Unity».

The manager of the company Asel Gafarova spoke about its sections, the ways of downloading it including the audience to whom it is dedicated to.

The director of the OsOO «Tribe 9 Production» Aziz Guldzhabaev presented a film about the healers who have preserved the ancient recipes of traditional medicine.

Jusupova Baktygul who is a director of Professional Lyceum 43 presented about the practical part of the new training module «Cultivation of Medical Crops». Consequently, this module will help lyceum students to get the knowledge on growing and processing medical plants.

Degenbaev Bakyt and Sarchaev Marlis (experts) did «Roadmap for growers, processors and sellers of medical herbal raw materials, farmers». They conducted a research within the series of interviews to which we can rely on getting different source of information regarding procedures for the successful conduction of business activities in this area.

During the meeting, a number of recommendations and comments on the further implementation of the project was given by the Coordinating Council.