Exhibition at the forum, “Mekendeshter 2014: Contribution to the future of Kyrgyzstan”

RDF participated at the exhibition at “Mekendeshter 2014: Contribution to the future of Kyrgyzstan”, which took place from 26 to 27 July in Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University. This event was organized by the international NGO, The initiative of Roza Otunbaeva, and attracted more than 300 people from 25 countries including representatives of the Kyrgyz diasporas abroad, government officials, businessmen, guests from the diplomatic corps, and representatives of culture, arts and sports sectors.

RDF have presented 8 series of books which are the results of their research on traditional knowledge.

They are: “Games on the jailoo”, “Nomadic cuisine”, “Camel is the beauty of nomad”, “Plants around us”, “Nomadic rituals”, “Advices from the craftsmaster of horse”, “Yurt – the house of nomad”, “Pastures of nomads”.

 Visitors were very interested in the book series, especially the book on “Games on the jailoo”.

The head of the pastoralist network, Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna, Altyn Zhanyshbaeva, with other membershe also participated at the exhibition to present traditional products and nomadic cuisine.