The Go Green project team met with farmers from Issyk-Kul, Naryn, and Chui regions.

Farmers from Issyk-Kul, Naryn, and Chui regions of Kyrgyzstan, who are members of the "Birlik" association, learned about the results of the "Supporting Green Agriculture by Local Communities - Go Green" project, the "Birlik" mobile application, and the use of social media for the sale of medicinal plants.

In February and early March 2023, employees of the Rural Development Fund held informational meetings in the three regions with representatives of farms, vocational schools, local self-government bodies, local government structures, and media outlets. They presented the results of the Go Green project and introduced the "Birlik" mobile application, which was created specifically for farmers and is a resource with information about farmers, a library, a forum, and a marketplace for the sale of agricultural products. In addition, they conducted a training session on the use of social media.

In turn, the leaders of the farming communities talked about their achievements and difficulties encountered in implementing small grants and growing medicinal plants, as well as their experience using social media in their work. A representative of Vocational School No. 20 in Bishkek spoke about teaching agriculture. This educational institution has successfully tested a new educational module "Growing Medicinal Crops" developed with the support of the Go Green project.
An informational meeting with representatives of pilot farmer communities, educational institutions, and government agencies of the Chui region took place on February 27 in Bishkek. It was attended by members of the "Samarbek" cooperative, the "Amanat Omur" public fund, the "Bioresource" and "Altyn Kazyk Baly" farms, employees of the "Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan", the Department of Organic Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Medicines at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, the Institute of Chemistry and Phyto-Technology of the National Academy of Sciences, and others.

An informational meeting with the "Jashyl Omur" and "Koonorbos Muras" farms of the Naryn region took place on February 28 in the village of At-Bashy. It was attended by representatives of other local agricultural cooperatives interested in green farming, the district agricultural development administration (RUA), and the women's committee. The event was supported by the At-Bashy district administration, which provided a venue for the meeting and has previously supported the initiatives of agricultural producers, seeing the contribution of such active communities as "Jashyl Omur" and "Koonorbos Muras" to the development of the region.

On March 1, a meeting was held with members of the "Sanrabigo" public association in the village of Kochkor in the eponymous district of the Naryn region, as well as representatives of other cooperatives interested in growing medicinal plants. Representatives of the Kochkor district RUA also participated in the event. Unlike other farmer communities, "Sanrabigo" not only grows medicinal plants but also produces a national fermented dairy product "kurut" with the addition of various herbs, which it already sells in its village.

On March 3, the Go Green project team met with farmers from the Issyk-Kul region in Karakol, namely members of the "Kyzyl Birlik and Suranaly Zholamanov", "Tong Dary Choptor", "Issyk-Kul Organic", and "Sut Azyk" farms. Interested parties and representatives of the RUA of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Organic Agriculture also participated in this event, expressing their readiness to cooperate with the "Birlik" association.

The RDF implements the "Supporting the Development of Green Farming by Local Communities - Go Green" project with the financial support of the European Union in partnership with the Greek organization KMOP. As part of the project, a green farming association "Birlik" has been created, which aims to unite local farmers and promote sustainable agriculture in Kyrgyzstan.