Exchange visit

Exchange of RDF experience with colleagues from Tajikistan

RDF is actively involved and interested in disseminating its experience and knowledge accumulated in the course of its activities, as evidenced by numerous project activities, exchange visits and participation in seminars.

From November 15 to 19, 2011, an exchange visit took place in Bishkek between RDF staff and representatives of the NGO "NISSO", represented by Director Khafizova Savriniso and Program Specialist Manucher Rakhimov, who came from Rasht district of the Republic of Tajikistan.

During the meetings, the RDF staff familiarized the guests with the activities of the Fund, presented materials on the implemented projects on Kyrgyz traditional knowledge and other areas. The Tajik delegates were shown information printed and visual materials, as well as organized meetings with partner and donor organizations, including representatives of the Christensen Foundation, where plans and prospects for further development of joint activities were discussed. It should be noted that Tajik delegates also met with the leader of the Pastoral Network "Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna" Dzhanyshbaeva Altyn and familiarized themselves with the activities of the Network and its results.

"We are grateful to our colleagues from RDF for the attention and opportunities provided," says Savriniso. - We hope that our next meeting will take place in Tajikistan, where we will be hospitable hosts. Such meetings serve to strengthen friendship and cooperation between the two countries and help achieve better results in achieving their goals and objectives.