Regional Family Farming Project – Kick-off Workshop in Osh

The first regional workshop organized by the National Union of Water Users Associations (WUAs) in line with the UN International Decade for Family Farming: 2019-2028 was held in Osh on 19 April. Farmers, local community representatives, as well as forest users, water and pasture resource users, all participated in the workshop. The purpose of this kick-off workshop is to inform the public about the inauguration of the global initiative for family farming support and development, and the participants worked in groups and identified priorities for future plans.

We also in the process of the formation of the National Family Farming Committee which consists of four organizations: The National Union of WUAs, the National Association of Pasture Users of Kyrgyzstan, the Association of Forest Users and Land Users of Kyrgyzstan, and the Rural Development Fund. This committee is open for new members.