RDF Director K. Akmatova joined the Council on Sustainable Development in the Context of Climate Change

The first meeting of the Council on Sustainable Development in the Context of Climate Change under the Speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh was held on January 30 with the participation of the Head of the Kyrgyz Parliament. The event was attended by Kuluipa Akmatova, Director of the public Rural Development Fund, JK deputies, heads of relevant state and municipal bodies, environmentalists, representatives of international organizations, non-governmental sector and civil activists.

Toraga Nurlanbek Shakiev, speaking at the meeting, emphasized the importance of this dialog platform to discuss pressing environmental issues and develop joint solutions. Among other topics of concern, the speaker mentioned such consequences of global climate warming as melting glaciers and increasing floods, drought. The head of the legislative body also reminded about the importance of toxic waste management, degradation of pastures, uncontrolled growth of livestock, excessive deforestation, spontaneous extraction of roots of rare medicinal herbs and other issues.

At the end of the speech, Nurlanbek Shakiev emphasized that one of the main tasks of the council is to coordinate the efforts of government agencies, LSGs and the environmental community. Next, Kamila Talieva, deputy chair of the council and deputy of the JK, made a report. She reminded that on the initiative of President Sadyr Zhaparov, the United Nations Organization declared 2022 as the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development.

The Council on Sustainable Development in the Context of Climate Change is a permanent consultative and advisory body established to promote the conservation and sustainable development of the unique ecosystem of the country. Its main tasks are: preparation of relevant proposals to the Jogorku Kenesh; elaboration of recommendations on improvement of ecological and economic situation, priority formation of programs; promotion of development of rural regions through preservation and sustainable use of biological diversity; development and implementation of measures on reproduction of objects of animal and plant worlds; development of traditional and innovative systems of land use in the regions, etc.

In addition to the Speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh Nurlanbek Shakiev, the Council also includes parliamentary deputies K. Talieva, D. Ashimova, V. Raimbachayeva, M. Mamataliev, J. Abirov, A. Altynbekov, N. Razhabaliev, Deputy Prosecutor General K. Adyl uulu, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Torobaev, ministers A. Baketaev, D. Amangeldiev, A. Baetov, T. Ibrayev, D. Kutat. Ibraev, D. Kutmanova, A. Dzhanybekov, G. Baatyrova, U. Mambetakunov, UN Resident Coordinator in the Kyrgyz Republic Antje Grave, Head of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek Alexey Rogov, USAID Director in the Kyrgyz Republic Kaya Adams, Head of the European Union Delegation in the Kyrgyz Republic Marilyn Josefson, President of the JSC "Fund to Support Tourism Development in the Kyrgyz Republic" Elena Kalashnikova Elena Kalashnikova, Director of the Rural Development Fund Kuluipa Akmatova, as well as representatives of public associations, foundations and commercial structures.