Participation of members of international network “Land of Snow Leopard ” at the Forum on preserving Snow Leopard in Bishkek

The Rural Development Fund (RDF) is announcing a Community Support Program for Access and Regulation, as well as informing and introducing mechanisms for the distribution of genetic resources in the Kyrgyz Republic.

This program is implemented under the project "Traditional knowledge of pastoralists for the education of the younger generation in the Kyrgyz Republic", which plans further steps to preserve cultural and biological diversity in the Kyrgyz Republic through traditional knowledge. The project aims to strengthen the ability of local communities to improve their economic situation through the protection of biological and cultural resources through the mechanisms of preservation of traditional knowledge (SW), "Access and Fair Distribution of Benefits" (PPU). The project activities are aimed at: “Exploring opportunities for the implementation of the system in local communities (LGs) by informing and educating the public about the benefits of access and use of genetic resources (GR) and traditional knowledge (TL); to strengthen the capacity of the “Treasury” (NCC) network and create conditions for dialogue between all stakeholders on the promotion of local self-government in the country.