Birth of a new school club, Jash Tabiyatchy (Young Ecologists) in Karool-Dobo

In early April, a school club, Jash Tabiyatchy (Young Ecologists), was officially organised in Karool-Dobo, Kok-Oyrok ayil district. The opening ceremony was attended by members of Korool-Dobo Meykin Group RDF experts, and school teaching staff.

Goal of the School Club

With the aim to satisfy children’s natural interest in the world around them, they create conditions for the establishment of ecological culture and introduce to schoolmates a valuable attitude toward nature, flora and fauna.

Club memebers received the RDF tree planting directory, “Our Forest”, notebooks and other stationary items for journaling their observations.

They planned and announced an art event, “Forest – The People’s Wealth – 2015”. This children’s art competition consists of three categories: 1) Best Picture 2) Creative Writing 3) Creative Hack. The results will be announced after 20 May, and the winners will be awarded with diplomas and gifts.

  To commemorate the estabishment of the club, young ecologists planted more than 100 seedlings of poplars on the school club’s territory. According to the head of the children’s art club, Anarkul Abdyvalievoy, many students have expressed interest in the club and want to become members of the creative corner. About 70 students have already expressed their interest in becoming members of the club.