RDF team took part in the exhibition "Kymyz Fest"

We are pleased to share with you the news that the RDF team attended the event and became part of the Kymyz Fest exhibition, which took place on August 5 in Chunkurchak locality. This event included an exhibition of kymyz from different regions of the country, as well as a demonstration of products of artisans and organic producers. Birlik Association actively participated in this event by presenting its products.

One of the members of the Association, PF "Amanat Өmүr", also presented its products, including medicinal plants. The Birlik Association's stand was very popular at the event, with many people interested in medicinal herbs and the Association's activities, as well as sharing contacts for further communication and cooperation.

Also within the framework of "Kymyz Fest" a concert was held, which added to the festive atmosphere.

The Birlik Association supports the popularization of kymys as a traditional drink and part of the national culture.