RDF experts appeared on a TV show

The project coordinator of traditional knowledge, K. Akmatova, and a livestock expert, K. Shapakov, appeared on “Morning Live” on a local channel, NTS. These two experts presented the importance of sensitisation of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge including customs, rites, games, nomadic kitchen of Kyrgyz people, and what role plays a livestock in the life of Kyrgyz people among young people and others.

Nowadays only a fraction of Kyrgyz urban population is aware of our ancestral knowledge. For example, very few can recall the recipes of nomadic kitchen, and women lost their traditional handmade practices. such as felt making and embroidery. Moreover, over time, this knowledge can be completely erased.

With this fear in mind, a group of researchers gathered and shared the collected data and knowledge in the project on “Kyrgyz Traditional Pastoral and Ecological Knowledge Dissemination and Support to the Community on Co-management of Mountainous Ecosystems in the Kyrgyz Republic”, funded by the Christensen Fund.

Additional series of books will be released on the 31 of May at an International Conference. We will also introduce some tutorial movies: “Jar koruu”, “Sumolok” and “Nomadic moving”.