Women and mountains are generous, kind, and vulnerable...

Women and mountains are generous, kind, and vulnerable...

Mountains are an important source of water, energy, and biodiversity. Additionally, they provide valuable resources such as minerals, forest products, and agricultural goods, while offering wonderful opportunities for recreation.

As one of the largest ecosystems, reflecting the complex and interdependent ecology of our planet, mountains are of great significance for the survival of the global ecosystem. However, mountain ecosystems are rapidly changing. They are susceptible to accelerated soil erosion, landslides, rapid loss of habitat, and reduction in genetic diversity. Socially, mountain communities are characterized by widespread poverty and loss of traditional skills. As a result, environmental degradation is observed in most mountainous regions worldwide.

Under the "Go Green" project, an Association of farmers cultivating medicinal herbs has been established, and successful case studies of women farmers in mountain communities have been compiled.

They are not only the keepers of their homes and family warmth but also possess traditional knowledge of preserving and using the natural wealth of their homeland.