Looking for a PR specialist

We are looking for a PR specialist to join our friendly team


At least 3 years of experience in journalism and PR;

Ability to travel on business trips;

Experience in projects of international organizations;

Experience in writing informational materials in Russian and Kyrgyz languages.


-Preparing messages and maintaining the digital presence of the project in various channels such as websites, social networks and others;

-Wide public awareness of the project activities in national and regional media, information portals and social networks;

-Dissemination of information about the project activities for interested parties;

-Determination of the target audience and topics of video materials and TV programs;

-Coordination of preparation and placement on relevant local and national TV channels;

-Collaboration with national and regional mass media, information portals to place articles and stories about the project activities;

-Preparing and presenting presentations, information notes, media campaigns for a wide range of stakeholders;

-Preparing information materials about the project such as booklets, brochures, posters, fact-sheets, calendars, articles and others.

Terms and Conditions:

The deadline for submitting resumes is May 10, 2023 by 6pm (local time);

Please send a resume, cover letter and a letter of reference with the position description by the deadline to the following address: