Completion of a Project on Right to Food

31 December, 2015, marked the completion of a project on “Empowerment of Vulnerable Forest Communities to Strengthen their Food Security in the Kyrgyz Republic”.

Under this project, RDF has carried out the following main activities:

  • Held meetings with representatives of the national nature park, forestry, local government bodies and other stakeholders;
  • Conducted a survey on local population’s access to forest resources;
  • Jointly with the Jamaat (community) members has identified high priority events of the annual plans;
  • Developed guidelines for tree planting and tending nurseries, the methodology of conducting the community inventory and joint monitoring of forest resources;
  • Carried out an assessment of food security and nutrition in the two target communities;
  • Developed an interactive comic strip to improve the quality of food for adults and children. Comics have been distributed in the target communities;
  • Community mapping of forest resources has been conducted taking into account their physical accessibility and condition in order to determine the capacity of communities.