A working trip to the Jalal-Abad region in the framework of the Go Green project

On June 12, a meeting was held in the Jalal-Abad region with the management of School No. 18 "Manas-1000".

The meeting was attended by the director of School No. 18 "Manas-1000" - Kolbekova E., as well as Usenova K., Director of the RDF Foundation - Akmatova K., and consultants-experts - Barakanova S. and Duishakeeva D.
At the meeting discussed the further joint development of the project "Go Green" - "Support for the development of green agriculture by local communities" with the support of the European Union. They also touched on the topic of children's education, their development and the application of the acquired knowledge in practice.
An important aspect of the discussion was the traditional culture and upbringing of children within the family. The transmission of spiritual and core values through educational institutions and family upbringing was also addressed. The meeting participants emphasized that the discussion was highly engaging and held promising prospects for prompt implementation.