The final conference of the Go Green project

During the final event, the Project Manager, Uran Zhunusov, emphasized that the project successfully implemented a policy of turning challenges into opportunities. It resulted in the creation of new jobs, acquisition of "green skills," and technical support for local farmers and vocational schools, which can serve as a solid foundation for the socio-economic and educational growth potential of the regions.
Aspects of the project were highlighted where climate change measures created conditions for the active participation of women and equal inclusion of youth in decision-making processes.
The promising digital application "Birlik" and the policy of the "Birlik" Association were separately presented. The mini-exhibition of "green" herbal products, workshops on the production of "kuurma tea" and kurut with medicinal herbs were well received.

All participants in the final event came to a unanimous opinion that the climate crisis will impact all areas of life. It is necessary to strengthen the protection of local biodiversity, increase cases of biodiversity loss reduction, revive traditional mechanisms for utilizing natural resources, adapt future generations to challenges through new skills and professions, and carry out business projects oriented towards sustainable development goals in collaboration with scientists, experts, and our government structures.