Exchange visit

RDF Social Programs Coordinator participated in an international training tour in Nepal

Kuluipa Akmatova, Traditional Knowledge Project Coordinator of RDF PF, participated in the LearningRoute "Strengthening the Role of Women, Business Development and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources - Experience Exchange Programs for the Rural Poor in Nepal". The tour was held in areas near three cities - Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini from December 6 to 13, 2014. Representatives from Latin America, Africa and Asia participated in the event.

The event was organized by IFAD, Nepal Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, PAF, NACCFL and PROCASUR.

The program was rich, including workshops, visits to farmer cooperatives and natural resource user associations. The main objective was to disseminate best practices and successful example to improve living conditions in villages.

The tour program consisted of 4 topics:

  • Strengthening women's role and gender mainstreaming: women's active participation in the social, economic and financial spheres will allow them to first strengthen their role at the community level, then in cooperatives and other organizations. Women's autonomy and participation in public life has a favorable impact on gender equality in families.
  • Diversity of living conditions in rural areas: Development of small businesses in rural areas, affordable credit for both individuals and groups. Suggestions of opening new markets, income generating opportunities for the younger generation of the rural population.
  • Innovative approaches in managing forest communities: Best practices in Natural Resource Management, disseminated by LFLP PAF in restoring biodiversity in areas and responding to climate change.
  • Development of microfinance organizations for groups: Strengthening smallholder farmers , empowering at rural and regional levels, linking with financial and non-financial institutions.