RDF’s article published on Journal of Advances in Management and Applied Economics

In November 2011, on an on-line journal, Advances in Management and Applied Economics, publised by Scientific Press, International Ltd., an article written by an RFD experts Kenesh Shapakov, Jyldyz Tabaldieva and Altynai Davletalieva was published. The title of the article is “Sustainable Land Management in Pamir Alai Region. Value Chain Assessment of Selected Mountainous Products in Alaikuu and Kashka Suu Aiyl Okrugs of the Kyrgyz Republic”. This article has become a logical finishing point of Sustainable Land Management in Pamir Alai research project implemented by RDF in 2009-2011 which was funded by UN University in Germany.

The project was aimed on research and economic analysis of the value chains of Alai wool, medical herbs and wild berries, which are the main income generating products of local communities of Kashka-Suu and Alaiku aiyl okrugs located in mountainous regions with severe climate conditions. The investigation included a full in-depth socio-economic analysis of villages, case-study research of each of products, as well as recommendations on the basis of collected data for further development of sectors and the region in general.

You can read the full article at: Advances in Management and Applied Economics,Volume 1, Issue 2 or download the article here (213 Kb).