Karool-Dobo Meikin Group and a school club, Jash tabiyatchy, at the “Mother Land Festival”

On 25 May 2015, local community, Karool Dobo meikin Group, and a school club of young ecologists, Jash tabiyatchy, of Kemin region engaged in “Jer Ene” (Mother Land/Terra Madre) festival, organised by Public Union, “Onor Bulagy”. The event attendees included the representatives of the Christensen Fund, partner organizations, consultants, locals, pupils and local authorities.

Members of the school club, Jash tabiyatchy (young ecologists), presented a programme devoted to the protection of nature. The students played a scene about “Jer Ene” (Mother Land), read poems and sung patriotic songs. They carried out their performance with great enthusiasm, and the audience responded with loud applauses. Commemorative postcards were presented to the guests made by the youngest members of the club.