Meeting for partners of the Christensen Fund in Bishkek

A meeting for the partners of the Christensen Fund took place on 16 May 2014 at Park Hotel in Bishkek. The social programs coordinator, Kuluipa Akmatova, and a breeding expert, Kenesh Shapakov, participated at this event on behalf of RDF.

The meeting participants learned about the Christensen Fund’s study tour to Kenya and the meeting of the Central Asian participats on the tour with the guardians of some Kenyan sacred sites. The meeting organizers also shared information on an international conference on “Organic agriculture in mountain ecosystems of Bhutan”, and on a workshop on multimedia informing in Dushanbe, as well as the contents from the last meeting with Tajik partners of the Christensen Fund in Dushanbe.

All the participant organisations were able to exchange and share information on event and project results with each other.