Activities of a school club, Jash Tabiyatchy (Young Ecologists)

At present, within the framework of TCF-6 project on “Community Co-management of Mountainous Ecosystems Model in the Kyrgyz Republic”, over 70 students of S. Kudaibergenov High School in Karool Dobo village (Kemin District) are active members of the school environmental club, Jash tabiyatchy (Young Ecologists).

During the summer, the students attended English and Japanese language courses as well as Origami course conducted by Yuko Naka, a volunteer from Japan.

The club members set up a forest tree nursery tended by senior high school students, and create a tending and watering schedule to take care of it. They also carry out spring and fall works on the school grounds: dig the soil, plant trees and flowers, sweep up dead leaves and branches, prune trees and shrubs, etc.

The club members actively help the members of Karool Dobo Meikin Group in promoting forest conservation. In winter they provide supplementary feeding to birds hanging feeders in the trees.

Jointly with RDF, a group of students prepared and decorated educational stands about biodiversity and pictures of plants and animals of Chon-Kemin area listed in the Red Book of the Kyrgyz Republic in the school lobby and classrooms.

RDF gave the school club the copies of book “Our Forest” and comics “Forest Bounty” about proper nutrition.

In October 2015, the club members took part in the festival “Revival of the Felt World.”