Exchange visit

Exchange visit to Canada

In November 2008, the RDF delegation visited Canada at the invitation of the Community Foundation of Canada to get acquainted with the experience of the Canadian community foundations and to participate in the international conference of the Canadian FMS “Our Communities - Our World”. The conference in Montreal was attended by staff from foundations and supporting organizations from countries around the world. Discussion of the problems of modern charity and exchange of experience were conducted in several sections: "Philanthropy and Human Rights", "Issues of FMS Sustainability", "Principles of Cooperation with Donors", "Improving the Efficiency of the FMS Boards", "FMS Participation in Solving Environmental Problems", etc. ...

The RDF delegation returned from Canada, having received tremendous information about the MBF and a great desire to test the adapted MBF model on the example of the rural community in Kok-Oirok. A successful example of improving the life of local communities in Kok-Oirok at the expense of funds accumulated by its own development fund and the contribution of community members can become an incentive and model for the creation and development of local community funds throughout Kyrgyzstan.