RDF’s specialists on a study tour in the Republic of Albania

RDF’s specialists, with some representatives from the State Agency of Environmental Protection and Forestry, visited the Republic of Albania from 23-30 of November, 2014.

The group from Kyrgyz Republic consisted of 5 members:

– Beisheev B.K., Director of Forest and hunting department within State Agency of Environmental Protection and Forestry;

– Dabaev K.K, Director of the Chon-Kemin Natinaol Park;

– Omorbekov A., RDF ‘s project coordinator – ;

– Koychumanov B.A., Special consultant at RDF; and

– Tursalieva A., Specialist atRDF.

The purpose of the informative tour was to study international experience of the joint forest management in the Republic of Albania. This educational tour was part of the project on “Community co-management of Mountainous Ecosystems model in the Kyrgyz Republic” funded by the Christensen Fund, USA.