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International exhibition "Bashat - Garval - Origins"

We would like to share with you news from a great event that is taking place from June 23 to July 2, 2023, at the National Gallery of Fine Arts of Mongolia - an amazing and original International Exhibition called "Bashat - Garval - Origins".
This event is made possible through the support of WUISP - World Union of Indigenous Spiritual Practitioners Elders Council and Arga Bilig IF from Mongolia.
The purpose of this exhibition is to deeply explore, preserve and promote the culture and values of traditional communities through art. Unique works of art were presented, which are the embodiment of centuries-old traditions and heritage of nomadic peoples.

The exhibition was organized by the participants of the youth scholarship program "Bashat": Yntymak Abdyldaev, Janyshbek Botoev, Mirrahim Toktogulov, who did their best to create an unforgettable atmosphere and give a unique experience of discovering the world of nomadic civilization for visitors. The exhibition was curated by Yntymak Abdyldaev from Kyrgyzstan and Amgalan Rinchine from Buryatia.
We present you the wonderful participants of the exhibition:
Kymbat Baimatova (KR)
Nurzat Jeenbek Kyzy (KR)
Munkhtsetseg Batmunkh (Mongolia)
Cholpon Alamanova (KR)
Gulzhan Iresh (KR)
Zhamba Dzhusubaliev (KR) with the works of Belek Koshoev

Their works impress with their beauty, depth and convey the richness of the cultural heritage of nomadic peoples. You can enjoy unique works of art that will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of traditions and values of nomadic communities.

This exhibition is an opportunity to discover a world of art imbued with history and culture, to dive into the past to understand the present and be inspired by the future.