Aksakals and youth for the conservation of the snow leopard and its habitat!

Project objectives:
Conservation and protection of snow leopard and its habitat through dialog of spiritual and cultural practitioners, also aksakals of local communities with youth, high school students and local population to form "Friends of LOSL" initiatives

Implementation timeline: June 15, 2018 - June 14, 2019

Raimbekov Zhaparkul -spiritual practitioner group leader
Kutman - akyn-improviser
Temirbekova Gulmira - coordinator
Project partners:
Network of keepers of traditional knowledge and practices "Kyrgyz el akyl kazyna" (KEAK)
Council of Aksakals of local Aiyl aimaks
Local Women's Councils, Youth Committees
Local governments, schools, educational institutions
Aikol Center of the Center for Public Education "Aikol"

Expected results:
The population will be informed about the sacredness of the snow leopard, taboos, traditional knowledge on the fauna and flora of the snow leopard habitat
Local NGOs, community leaders, women and youth committees, media will be aware of LOSL international network activities, initiatives in member countries.
LOSL Friends Groups will be formed to support the initiatives of Zhaparkul and RDF on snow leopard conservation.
Programs with Zhaparkul and his team will be broadcasted on TV, radio, interviews will be published in local media.
Meetings will be held in local communities, educational institutions.

The project is implemented by Rural Development Fund ( which is a non-profit, research and development organization, supported by Snow Leopard Conservancy - (