The final event of the Go Green Project

The second day of the final event of our project took place on May 24, featuring a field trip to the demonstration hub in the Ysyk-Ata district. During the visit, the complete Value Chain was showcased, followed by a discussion.

Representatives from relevant Ministries, educational institutions, farming communities, academia, NGOs, media, and various other stakeholders actively participated in the event.

The "Go Green" project has truly been a significant, important, and exceptional project. During its implementation, we have acquired a multitude of skills and knowledge in the field of agriculture, established reliable partnerships, and demonstrated that agriculture holds great importance and makes a tremendous contribution to the country's development.
We express our gratitude to the European Union for funding the "Go Green" project and for providing the opportunity to carry out such important initiatives.

We extend our thanks to KMOP (Greece) for supporting the project, and we would also like to thank the representative of KMOP and project coordinator, David Rama, for his dedication and the opportunity to personally attend.

We express our gratitude to the cooperatives, community associations, public foundations, and farmer households: "Zhashyl Omur" cooperative, "Koonorbos Muras" NGO, "Sanrabigo" NGO, "Amanat Omur" public foundation, "Samarbek" farm, "Talas Daary" cooperative, "Ak-Kayyn-Ata Murasym" public foundation, "Issyk-Kul Organic" cooperative, "Sut-Azyk" cooperative, "Ton Daary Choptoru" cooperative, "Kyzyl Birlik and S. Zholomanov" public foundation, "Orchun" NGO, "Osh-Panacea" cooperative, "Altyn-Dan" cooperative, "Orto-Tokoy Birimdigi" cooperative, "Batken-Zhetigen Daary Choptoru" cooperative.

We extend our respect and gratitude to Vocational School No. 20, No. 43, and No. 67 for their reliable partnership.

We give special thanks to the guests of our event. Here are some memorable moments from this remarkable day!