Natural resource management

What is natural resource management within the framework of RDF activities?

Sustainable and balanced use of natural resources
in the Kyrgyz Republic is under threat due to the lack of an integrated government strategy. In most cases, the benefits from the use of natural resources such as forests, non-wood products, wildlife, biogenetic and mineral resources do not go to local communities, and the state strategy is not aimed at the conservation and management of natural resources. Despite the fact that local communities rely on natural resources to improve their well-being, under the current government regime, the incentive and reward system is not aimed at sustainable use of these resources.

Rural Development Fund (RDF)   focuses on the aspects of creating regulatory arrangements for the management of access and use of natural resources, protection and tenure of natural resources, distribution of income from the use of natural resources, and is in search of good governance principles (transparency, top-down accountability , equality) through qualitative research and analysis. The work of the RDF is aimed at strengthening local communities to initiate the necessary changes at the local and state levels.

Areas of our research
As part of the Natural Resources Management area, RDF works on the following topics:
- ; Pastures
- Forest and non-wood resources
- Animal world
- Water resources