What is Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge?

What is Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge?
The 21st century is the century of technology and innovation, every day there are more and more new ways and methods for any field of human activity. “Better, faster, more convenient, newer” is the motto of the new time and generation. The latest technologies and discoveries have turned the fantastic future into reality - there are so many opportunities in the present for any ideas, innovations and ideas!

And at the same time, becoming more and more focused on new methods, methods and innovative discoveries, and in the pursuit of new and unknown, we often forget and lose the already accumulated knowledge - knowledge that has absorbed all the wisdom and greatness of centuries, beauty and harmony universe.

What are we losing forever? And what comes in return? Is it possible to stop the fleeting passage of time and turn it back? Is this striving for new knowledge justified, while forgetting the past?

We are going further and further into the future, forgetting our roots, losing the knowledge of the past centuries. But many questions already have answers, which have been accumulating over the years and passed down from generation to generation. In particular, this applies to the Kyrgyz, a people with a rich and colorful history.

How to preserve and pass on to future generations good old knowledge and traditions that bring peace, prosperity and harmony? Man's harmony with the land where he lives and the nature that surrounds him? How to preserve this knowledge and pass it on to future descendants, so that our forests do not disappear and rivers do not dry up, so that there is green grass, so that the thread between generations does not break? In an attempt to answer these and other questions, we came up with the idea of ​​traditional knowledge, the knowledge of our ancestors, which is useful and necessary now, just as in ancient times, when it appeared.

Kyrgyz traditional knowledge is derived from the experience of nomadic life. This is knowledge about how to keep livestock on natural fodder, how to build and decorate your house - a yurt, how to cook simple but healthy and nutritious food in nomadic conditions and in the absence of agricultural products. This knowledge was transmitted through a system worked out for centuries - from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, from father to son.
For many decades of forced settlement, the knowledge of the ancestors was forgotten, erased and practically lost. There are very few people left who store knowledge and experience and whom they can share with us. Along with the difficulties faced by our state at present, very little attention is paid to such issues as the accumulation, preservation or dissemination of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge, practices and experience. But we feel this gap and strive to fill it, because now, more than ever, we lack the knowledge of our ancestors to preserve peace and harmony, unity and prosperity.

Kyrgyz traditional knowledge   is a world in which the wisdom of generations and times has been preserved in its original form, a world in which there are so many interesting, but still unknown and attractive. We will try to start an exciting journey through time, which, we are sure, will open up new opportunities and ideas, expand horizons and provide new knowledge.

Traditional knowledge
these are practical methods and approaches in solving everyday problems that have been developed and polished for centuries.
They contain the deep wisdom of the people, their ideas about the world around them, life and are passed from generation to generation in the form of fairy tales and epics, songs and legends, stories and just advice.