Book Series on Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge

In the final stage of the project on “Kyrgyz Traditional Pastoral and Ecological Knowledge Dissemination and  Providing Support to the Community Co-management of Mountainous Ecosystems in the Kyrgyz Republic”, RDF published a new updated and expanded series of books on traditional knowledge.

Previously, it was a series of brochures “Traditional knowledge for livestock farmers.” The updated series includes the following books: “The Rites of Nomads”“Yurt – a Nomad’s House”“Jailoo Games”“Nomadic Сuisine”“Tips by Sayapkers”, “Camel – a Camping Adornment”“Highland Yaks”, and “Nomadic Pastures”.

Every book is supplemented with information and illustrations on traditional knowledge collected in different regions of Kyrgyzstan, and the ethnic Kyrgyz living in China.