Specialists (6 - vacancies)

The Rural Development Fund within the framework of the project "Strengthening the Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Natural Ecosystems and Local Communities" ("Improving the Management of the Chychkan Gorge") announces a great competition for the following vacancies:

Institutional development expert
Local Mobilizer
Environmental Protection Expert - Ecologist
Expert on traditional knowledge


Experience in conducting sociological research;
excellent communication and presentation skills, written and oral;
excellent knowledge of Kyrgyz and English (oral and written);
willingness to travel to the regions of Kyrgyzstan.
Institutional development expert
Experience in institutional development;
knowledge of the basics of law and laws, laws and regulations;
excellent knowledge of Kyrgyz and Russian language (oral and written).
Local mobilizer
minimum 5 years of experience in international donor projects as a mobilizer;
practical experience in working with local communities, protection of natural areas, management of natural areas;
experience in working with local self-government bodies, rural communities related to community mobilization, experience in conducting trainings and consultations;
good command of Russian and Kyrgyz language. Knowledge of English is an advantage.
Environmental Protection Expert - Ecologist
Experience in environmental protection, forestry and agrarian sectors, natural resources management for at least 5 years;
Experience in organizing and developing natural resource management plans;
Experience in conducting trainings for adult audiences;
Experience in preparation and management of micro-projects/grants and other programs is an advantage;
Ability to travel to the pilot site;
Knowledge of Russian and Kyrgyz languages.
Expert in traditional knowledge
Experience in developing training materials on traditional knowledge;
Experience in projects of international organizations.
Knowledge of Russian and Kyrgyz languages;
Ability to travel on business trips to the pilot site.
Work experience in projects of international organizations.
Knowledge of Russian, Kyrgyz and English languages in perfection.

Terms of reference (ToR) for each specialist is available. Will be sent upon request.

Deadline for submission of resumes is March 31, 2022 by 18.00 (local time). Please send your resume, cover letter and letter of recommendation with the vacancy reference by the deadline to the following address: