Kadam Initiative in COVID-19 Emergency Situations

Supported by the Soros Foundation, RDF launches the Kadam Initiative to support Kyrgyz families to strengthen humanitarian response and improve psychosocial well-being during COVID-19 emergencies through the Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna Tradition and Heritage Guardians Network - KEAK.

Also, the activities of the Initiative will be aimed at supporting representatives of state response measures, restoring moral support within the community through online speeches of famous people from the region, internal mobilization of families in a COVID 19 situation through online fairy tales, presentations with stories about traditions of unity and friendship from the keepers of traditions and rituals , members of the CEAC Network.

Through the leaders of the CEAC, disposable masks, a nomadic healthy food dish "kuurma tea", a tea collection from medicinal herbs, a bunch of juniper and harmala for checkpoints will be distributed in the regions.

We hope that all of us together will overcome this difficult period in the life of the country!