Theatrical event, “Protection of Nature: Our Duty”, hosted by the school club, Jash-Tabiyatchy

On the 25th of May, 2015, at S.Kudaybergenov High School in Karool-Dobo region, members of the school club, Jash Tabiyatchy (Young Ecologists), organised a theatrical event titled, “Protection of Nature: Our Duty”. The school club themselves planned and prepared for this event in order to attract children’s and adults’ attention to nature protection and biodiversity conservation in the region. The local community, Karool Dobo Meikin Group, and RDF also supported this event.

3 teams participated at this event by showing three different plays. One team’s name was “Meow Meow”, another was called “Jer Ene (Mother Land)”, and the last team was “Too baldary (Mountains’ children)”. Students practiced their roles and played well. They all showed responsibility, creativity and good acting during the plays. In every play, students touched the themes of nature protection, forest conservation and ecological attitude. Performance of each team was evaluated by the jury consisting of members of the local community, schools and members of the RDF. The winners were awarded with diplomas and prizes.