Exchange visit

Extended workshop organized by GEF in Minsk

RDF participated in the workshop organized by GEF Minsk

(Global Environment Facility) for participant countries from Europe and Central Asia, which took place from July 9 to 12 in Minsk, Belarus.
The main topics of the workshop included the following issues: climate change and biodiversity, programming strategies, project development, dialog with civil society and others. The Program also included a field session, exchange of experience with Belarusian colleagues from Nalibokskaya Pushcha.
The workshop was interesting, with the main discussion points being:

What are the key lessons learned from GEF engagement with civil society?
What key challenges remain?
What can be done better moving forward?
What are the roles and responsibilities of CSOs in partnership with the GEF?

Representatives of SAEPF KR also participated in the Workshop from Kyrgyzstan.