Natural resource management

Conservation of biodiversity in the transboundary region of the Northern Tien Shan

A significant part of the Tien Shan is located on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. The mountains include an amazing variety of ecosystem services and products that are needed not only by local people, but also by people around the world. Mountains provide forest products, life-giving moisture, preserve habitats of flora and fauna, regulate the risk of natural disasters and play a significant role in the formation of weather. In order to preserve the gifts of nature, it is necessary to carefully treat the biodiversity of this region. To this end, RDF launched the project “Conservation of biodiversity in the transboundary region of the Northern Tien Shan”.

Key facts Years of implementation:
January 2013 - December 2016

Place of implementation: Northern Tien Shan
1) Almaty natural reserve;
2) Ile-Alatau National Park;
3) National Park "Kolsay Koldera";
4) State Natural National Park "Chon Kemin" Northern Tien Shan and adjacent areas
Donor: BMZ, NABU;
Partners: - SAEPF;
-GPNP "Chon Kemin",
- Department of Pastures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic;
-Keminsky regional state administration;
-Local self-government bodies: Kok-Oyrok ayil-okmotu;
-Local associations of pasture users;
- Local communities: Karool-Dobo meikin zhamaaty, Kaindy, etc.

Creation of an integrated management system for specially protected natural areas (PAs) and adjacent regions in the transboundary region of the Northern Tien Shan. Such a management system will increase the level of protection of biological diversity and forests in the region, positively affect the living conditions of the local population, and also contribute to climate protection.

Development of modern management plans for protected areas. Protected areas have a modern management plan (developed according to IUCN standards). A general management plan for the transboundary region has been developed. There is a system for monitoring the state of flora and fauna, which also provides data on climate change and makes recommendations for the effective protection of biological diversity.
Developed and put into operation a sustainable system of grazing animals in the region. In cooperation with regional authorities and PA administrations, integrated concepts of pasture management have been developed and implemented.
  Promotion of Eco and Community Based Tourism. In one of the villages, a network of guest houses has been created, the development of which is carried out through an ecotourism fund organized in each village. A cross-border system of hiking trails has been put into operation, and the corresponding maps for hiking trails are being implemented.
RDF will work on the implementation of tasks 2 and 3.

Main project activities:
To solve and achieve tasks 2 and 3 of the project, the RDF will carry out the following activities:
On the development and implementation of a sustainable system of grazing animals in the region:
Assess the degree of degradation and carrying capacity of the Kok Oyrok aiyl aimag pastures;
Conduct a main study of the current practice of pasture use by the Kok Oyrok aiyl aimag pasture committee, including the territory of the Chon Kemin State Natural Park;
Carry out a mapping of pastures, with the aim of using it as a tool in developing pasture management plans and improving the pasture management system;
Will assist the Pasture Committee in the development of a methodology for assessing work on effective pasture management;
Identify the needs for improving the grazing system on pastures, taking into account the need for grazing on the pastures of the protected area;
Provide training to the members of the Pasture Committee in accordance with their identified needs to improve knowledge of pasture management;
Will assist in improving the mechanism of administrative and financial management of the Pasture Committee;
Train members of the Pasture Committee and assist in the development of monitoring mechanisms and the condition of pastures;
Develops and implements a grant program for uniting pasture users.
To promote eco-tourism and community-based tourism:
Assess the tourism potential of the Chon Kemin State Natural Park;
Will assist the local community in creating a community fund for sustainable development of local communities;
Will assist the local community in the development of tourist routes.
  Develops an action plan and implements activities aimed at raising awareness and informing stakeholders about the tourism products created under the project.

- State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic;
- Department for the Development of Forest Ecosystems of the SAEPF;
- State Natural National Park Chon-Kemin;
- Department of Pastures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic;
- Kemin District State Administration;
- Local self-government bodies: Kok-Oyrok aiyl okmotu;
- Local food