Seminar by the Federation of the Organic Movement, Bio KG

RDF was invited to an information seminar on organic agriculture by the Federation of Organic Movement, Bio-KG, on 17 October, 2013. RDF director, Akmatova Kuluipa, and an expert on the nomadic cuisine, Tilekeeva Zhyldyz, made a presentation at the seminar on preservation and revival of traditional nomadic cuisine of the Kyrgyz, and talked about our project on the introduction of nomadic cuisine at the pilot vocational schools in our country. We also presented our adapted and implemented guidelines of the training programs at the pilot technical/vocational schools at the seminar. For more details, please read our report at

All the participants were particularly interested to the guide to the nomadic kitchen. Tilekeeva presented in detail about nomadic kitchen, and shared various national recipes for quick, wholesome and healthy food, as opposed to “fast food”. The diet in educational institutions was also discussed as part of the seminar, and we suggested a possibility of introducing our traditional “Kuurma tea. (куурма чай)” to students’ diet at the pilot vocational schools.