RDF met with Chychkan Gorge preservation activists

A number of interesting meetings were held with stakeholders of Chychkan Gorge management issues. These included the district administration, employees of DEU, Toktogul forestry, representatives of cafes on the Bishkek-Osh highway, environmental patrols, beekeepers, fruit and berry pickers, and other forest users.

The purpose of the trip was very important: to discuss the small grants program and identify opportunities to support local initiatives aimed at improving the Chychkan Gorge.

Во meetings were held to discuss initiatives, ideas and proposals for improving the Chychkan Gorge presented by local residents, youth and women's groups, and the business community who want to see Chychkan thriving and preserved. Their desire to conserve biodiversity and nature, their enthusiasm and love for their native places inspire us to work together to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment in Chychkan Gorge.
The Project's small grants program plays an important role in the implementation of stakeholder initiatives, it is an opportunity to contribute to the conservation of nature and cultural heritage of the area. We hope that the results of these initiatives/small projects will be presented in the fall in joint events with the Toktogul District Administration.
Thank you to everyone who actively participated in our meetings and supports our project! We believe that together we can make the Chychkan Gorge even more beautiful, preserving its beauty and natural wealth for future generations.