2011 Calendar on Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge

For the project on Revival and Dissemination of Kyrgyz Traditional Pastoral Knowledge and Practices, RDF has created a calendar of Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge for 2011. It is the ourcome of enormous work and efforts of the RDF experts who for more than 2 years have been collecting and accumulating the Kyrgyz traditional knowledge not only within regions of Kyrgyzstan, but also in other countries. In an effort to find information on traditional knowledge, the RDF experts also conducted researches among the ethnic Kyrgyz in China and Turkey.
Each page of this truly traditional calendar is dedicated to a certain topic on traditional knowledge and nomadic lifestyle of the Kyrgyz. For instance, you can gain information on ancient customs and traditions, migration styles, types of yurt, breeding of racehorses and yaks, recipes for Kyrgyz cuisine, ancestors’ astrological calendar, and many other. This bright, colorful and stylish calendar will help you have a sense of Kyrgyz tradition, gain new and interesting information about the Kyrgyz and their life style, as well as have an esthetic pleasure of its unusual and beautiful design. Moreover, its beautiful design will go well with and enrich the interior of any home and office.

Description: professional design, A3 formatting, wall and loose-leaf, polygraphic colorful, 14 pages, in Russian and English languages.
Here you can download calendar (in PDF format).
If you are interested in more information about the calendar and/or how to get hold of a copy, please contact us at +996 312 976 100, +996 312 986 101 or send us an email at Please note that the number is limited.
Do not lose your chance to walk into a new world of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge!