Natural resource management


Public Association - Center for Development of Civil Initiatives "Aikol" Talas region, Talas region.

Project ; "Social networks as a mechanism for disseminating knowledge among young people about Genetic   Resources of the Talas region and related traditional knowledge."

Objective: ; To promote the protection of Genetic Resources (GR) and associated Traditional Knowledge (TK) through photo and video voice of youth in social networks, among youth and the entire population of Talas district and Talas city.
The project is expected to:
Using social networks, place at least 50 posts on genetic resources of the Talas region and hold contests among   users, thus, through photo and video materials, attract a large number of participants to the discussion of the project's topics and hear the voice of young people;
Produce two social videos and conduct a media awareness campaign in Talas region, which includes training young community activists to work with the population to conserve genetic resources;
To form a mobile group of children, residents of different villages of the Talas region, who have undergone training to advance the further tasks of the project aimed at preserving genetic resources.

Project partners:; Talas national park "Besh-Tash" and 8 ayil okmotu of Talas region.
Contact information for inquiries:
Tel: +996 (772) 278228
Public Fund of Folk Craftsmen "Altyn Oimok"
Issyk-Kul region, Ton district, Bokonbaevo village
The project "Herbs - dyes and medicinal herb aconite - as a symbol of the revival and transmission of the heritage of the fathers to preserve the wealth of their native land to the younger generation."

Purpose; Conservation of local useful natural resources, such as aconite and herbs-dyes of Ak-Bakshi gorge, Ton district, through study and outreach work among livestock breeders and women artisans.
The project is expected to:
Build a mini-greenhouse and plant dye herbs, which are the genetic resource of the area, in order to preserve them and respect the wild-growing herbs, and provide jobs for women;
With the help of local government with. Bokonbaevo, create a social partnership for ethno-ecotourism aimed at preserving biocultural diversity, which will further serve as an impetus for the formation of local initiatives;
To train more than 13 artisans and 36 students of the local Prof. Technical Lyceum No. 81, livestock farmers, with the involvement of a specialist in medicinal herbs.
To inform the population to create a resonance in the discussion of environmental problems in relation to genetic resources, to distribute a brochure on herbs-dyes, "aconite", etc .;
Holding the Festival "Zher bailigy-El bailigy" with the participation of students and teachers of the vocational lyceum, aksakals, custodians of TK, artisans, also with the participation of Zhayt committees, travel companies, media, local government bodies, partner organizations.
Project partners: ; LSG of Ton district, s. Bokonbaevo, vocational technical lyceum №81, secondary school im. Dogdurov, the village of Eshperov.
Contact information for inquiries:
Tel .: +996 (778) 846731

Public Fund "Amanat-Omur"
Chui region, Sokuluk district, Kyzyl - Tuu village
Project   "Natural pantry - the wealth of the people."
Project goal: ; Promotion of biocultural diversity among residents of the Kyzyl-Tuu village,   Sokuluk district through access to information on genetic resources (Nagoya Protocol) of the area and show the importance of local resources by the example of creating a social enterprise,  ; in improving the well-being of the population.

The project is expected to:
Informing and familiarizing the local population with the content of the Nagoya Protocol on the regulation of access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their use;
Placement of photo presentations, video clips and other materials on the promotion of traditional knowledge and the use of licorice, as well as other local genetic resources on the multimedia portal of the Konok center and on the website of the Amanat Omur foundation under the heading “Zher bailigy-El bailigy”;
Opening of a social enterprise for the correct collection and processing of local medicinal herbs, such as licorice and other types of medicinal herbs with the involvement of women, youth from vulnerable groups, where exhibitions of finished products made from licorice will be organized with tasting of healthy teas   nomadic Kyrgyz and drinks;
Carrying out joint excursions for schoolchildren with parents in order to teach respect for local biodiversity, inform about local medicinal herbs, as well as other natural resources of the area.

Project partners:   Local self-government bodies of Sokuluk region
from. Kyzyl - Tuu; Secondary school of the village of Kyzyl Tuu; Educational media center "Konok".
Contact information for inquiries:
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