“Best Pastoralist Whom I Know” essay contest among students

The Youth Research Program and Summer Fairs of Traditional Knowledge created awareness on importance and value of Kyrgyz pastoral traditional knowledge in country and encouraged those farmers who used environmentally safe technologies and methods in livestock grazing.

RDF prepared materials on the Project, its objectives and tasks for dissemination in Russian and Kyrgyz. RDF experts developed a comprehensive Manual on Youth Competition. This Manual included: information on objectives and purpose of the competition, scope of the program, eligibility criteria and requirements for essay, assessment principles and composition of the selection committee, awards system.

There are also a brief guidelines on the competition developed and disseminated through ARIS and Ministry of Education, as well as through mass media. Project Coordinator and Youth Awareness Program Coordinator have traveled to all seven regions to disseminate information in regional branches of the Ministry of Education, visited regional colleges and universities and made presentations about the program and competition.

High school and college students were asked to conduct a small scale research and write essays based on their specific interviews of specific custodians of pastoral traditional knowledge which had importance for livelihood of livestock keepers today.

About 19 best essays were awarded by the Project. Awarded students attended Summer Fair of the Traditional Knowledge and received small educational gifts. The best essays were presented at the Summer Fair of Traditional Knowledge.