Rural Development Fund as Lead Partner of the Summer School (Hybrid) on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management Project

The Summer School (Hybrid) on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management invites participants to join the event September 11-20, 2023 | Carpathian/Byukka Mountains in Hungary.

Grassroots Institute (Canada), University of Wallachia in Targoviste (Romania), Lucian Blagi University in Sibiu (Romania), World Forum for Agricultural Heritage (Italy), NatRisk at the University of Turin (Italy), Lions of Turin (Italy), and the World Forum for Agricultural Heritage (Italy). The Rural Development Fund - RDF (Kyrgyzstan) and Central Himalayan Institute of Nature and Applied Research (India) are jointly organizing the "Summer School (Hybrid) on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management 2023" (FSc MER 2023) in the Carpathian/Bukka Mountains in Hungary for 30 delegates (offline) and one thousand speakers/listeners (online). In addition to the 9 lead partners, the program includes 29 general partners and 7 collaborators. Full details of the program are available at

The same global program "Summer School on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management" (FSc MER 2021) was successfully organized in September 2021 with the partnership and collaboration of 63 universities, institutes, national parks and organizations from 21 countries. About 630 people from 69 countries participated in this 9-day event. All details are available at

This international training program examines mountain ecosystems in the context of human development and natural resources, principles of natural resource management, and resource management for sustainable conservation. Using case studies from a wide range of contemporary natural resources around the world, the program examines how different social, political, economic, cultural, and gender dimensions compete for and sustain natural resources in mountain ecosystems. The program also examines how environmental activists and their interventions conserve parks, energy, water, and land in the face of climate variability based on a gendered perspective. The program will examine how the contemporary international and development system designs and processes sustainable management of available natural resources in mountain landscapes.

The program aims to equip researchers, students, practitioners and young educators who wish to study mountain ecosystems and sustainable development with the practical approaches, knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of sustainable natural resource use on a global scale. This international training program is delivered in partnership with a variety of academic and practice-oriented organizations.

How to participate in the Summer Field School?

The website has all possible information on admission, procedures, application deadlines, faculties and experts, partners and collaborators, methodology, certification, costs and fees, scholarships, etc.

Extended application deadlines

Please see deadlines at:

Delegate participation (self-funded): CLOSED (*Check for availability)

Delegate Participation (Nominated): CLOSED (*Check for availability)

Speaker Participation (online): CLOSED (*Check availability)

Audience participation (online): September 20, 2023.


The link below provides more information on the "Summer School (Hybrid) on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management"