Publication of the book "Kyrgyz nomad horse"

Friends, we share the news that another RDF publication about the Kyrgyz horse has come out.
The Kyrgyz horse breed is the focus of this publication. The importance of the horse in the traditional society of nomads is considered. The role of this animal in their economic and cultural life, social relations, as well as in the conditions of wars with opponents is shown. The characteristic features of the Kyrgyz horse breed are described, including through the mouth of folk experts, methods of keeping. The reasons for the loss of the local breed are revealed and the stages of reducing the population of the Kyrgyz horse in the republic are determined.

The book contains specific issues of the material and spiritual culture of the Kyrgyz people related to horse breeding.
It is addressed to specialists in the livestock industry, farmers, teachers and students of educational institutions, as well as to a wide range of readers interested in the historical and cultural heritage and traditional knowledge of the Kyrgyz.
The publication was developed within the framework of the Altyn Tuyak Consortium project with the support of the New Venture Fund (

Stay tuned for more RDF news and you will know when the publication will be presented.